By: Jude Watson
Bohdan Salcido

          The book Loot, starts out in Amsterdam, Netherlands where the main character, March spends most of his childhood.

           There are four main characters, Izzy, who does the hacking and computer stuff. Darius, a six foot tall dude who is their distraction and backup for heists, but he is also someone who Izzy trusts which is good because Izzy is a little shy. Jules, is a great acrobat, who is March's twin sister, even though neither Jules nor March knew they had a twin until they met on a plane to the U.S.. Last, there is March, the character the story focuses most on. He is Alfie's kid and Alfie was a thief who was on the police's "most wanted" list.

           The main point of the story is that Izzy, Darius, Jules, and March want to find all seven of Carlotta Grimstone's moonstones by the next blue moon and then Carlotta Grimstone would give them seven million dollars. But of course the moonstones are scattered across the U.S so Carlotta gets them everything they need for their heists.

         The only catch is that if they don't get all the moonstones then the prophecy says that Jules and March will fall off a cliff together and die.

          In San Francisco they had 2 very clever heists.

        In all, I really liked this book. I'd give it a 4 1/2 star rating. I think this book was fiction because of the magic moonstones.

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