The Glass Castle

a thorough review

Self Dependence

Throughout the story the children are raised to not depend on others for, pretty much, anything. whether it be under age shennanigans, or schoolyard problems, their mother never intervened herself.

Bad Parents are Bad

With one example after the other, the upbringing of the pingpongs  was not an exemplary  technique.


they is a bad family

Mom- As a misguided "young" woman, she raised her kids on a life on the run. The migration of her family affected their version of normal, from the average; girls should act lady like, to: fight like you mean it, girl!

Dad-  A paranoid man on the run, Jeanette's father is a royal pain in the neck. Doing things backwards and weird, the man smokes his cigarettes backwards, drinks all day, and occasionally; brings his son to the whorehouse with him. Though the cause of most of their problems, he always is bringing home money for the family.  

Jeanette-  As a misguided young woman, Jeanette was home schooled some by her parents and was pushed into public schooling. She was a very smart student, and with her time in school she learned about bullying, teacher's pets, and ethnic differences. As a grown woman, Jeanette married and re-married several times.

Map That Yo

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