How is American society represented in the documentary?

American society is represented as an obese society that starves themselves on fast food. In the documentary Super-size me (2004), it illustrates how bad McDonald’s really is. Morgan starts out as a healthy, fit man before he starts the experiment. After his experiment, he is extremely ill and unwell. He has problems with his kidneys due to the amount of salt in his diet. His cholesterol would of have shot up because of all the oil and fat in the food he ate.

The experiment was a success in seeing how bad McDonald’s is. Morgan’s health deteriorated every time he ate. Seeing how bad McDonald’s really is was quite scary. American society is represented by the way they eat. When you think about America, most people always think of food and how obsessed America is as a nation. At this current time, around 35% of all adults are obese. The scary statistic is that this is around 79 million people. America’s society needs to change after seeing this documentary. Seeing how bad it is to eat at a take away food chain everyday three times a day is a horror.

American society needs to live up to the fact that they are one of the most obese nations in the world. The fast food industries have rapidly grown throughout the states. In the US alone, there are a whopping 14,267 McDonald outlets. This is why America is one of the obese nations. Many families have lost members because they have had heart attacks because they are obese. American society needs to stop eating fast food or else more families will lose loved ones.

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