It's Friday and it's time to ROCK

It's nearly the end of January and the new albums are a-rippling on in. I listened to JACK ALL new stuff over Christmas, mainly because that's kind of how the industry cycle goes ("FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, MAKE SURE IT'S OUT FOR FOURTH QUARTERRRRRRR" has never been said out loud in my presence but it's been internally screamed by many a music industry professional, I assure you) and also, I couldn't be arsed. Shocking, I know - where's the commitment, the dedication... it was Christmas and I just wanted to watch movies and hang with nearest & dearest. It happens.

Since then, well, Bowie released his single on his birthday and nobody knew so there was loads of outrage and it was fairly amusing, some of us might have danced round our bedrooms doing impressions of Britney doing her terrible British accent quite a lot, ahem, Beyonce mimed at Obama's inauguration and some people are furious about it (who are these people?), a lot of us went "meh" when Justin released his comeback single, a grad student in Brooklyn hilariously managed to fool the whole internet that his MA project was the new Vampire Weekend album (unless it was a hoax of a hoax...) and I might have hit a low spot the other day and Googled 'sex faces' and ended up finding a frankly terrifying Tumblr shrine to Benedict 'Sherlock' Cumberbatch with a post dedicated to the Cumbersnatch's aforementioned sex face. Bookmark it, bitches.

All this chasing the new is well and good but I dunno know about you but sometimes I crave a bit of classic rock on a Friday - y'know to gurn, do rock lunges and do jump kicks off furniture to. It restores the balance in your chi or whatever. Handy that I happen to have been given the new Guild Of Stags video featuring legendary front man Dev performing all his own stunts as he runs around a forest to a song about being broke but thankful for what he has in his inimitable rawk style. He even falls over a couple of times and does 70s cop rolls = WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FOR A FRIDAY?

Oh and I asked all my lot for their album recommendations (handy people, musos) and I've loaded them all into one big Spotify playlist which will get updated probably a lot more often than the Spotify New Album Releases one so save trawling time and subscribe!