In New York a few weeks ago there was a same-sex marriage court case(the couple got married in another state and came back to  learn it wasn't legal), but because it was a gay marriage case it wasn't allowed to be broadcasted on the T.V. or radio.

This violates the first amendment because the court isn't allowing the trial to be broadcasted and that violates freedom of the press. This also violates the ninth amendment because it isn't respecting the people rights because they are a same-sex couple. I think we should all care about this because it is so easy for people to stereotype other people and take away their rights. Think about it this way, what if it was you that was going to court to fight for you and your partner to be able to say you are married where you live and want people to hear what you have to say,but the court doesn't allow it because you are gay. You would feel like you are losing your rights. That's the while reason the constitution was written in the first place, was to say in writing that people do have rights.

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