How I approached the problem

The first thing I did was split the shape of the oil spill into various squares and triangles. After that, I started to measure the bases and heights of all the shapes in centimeters, and multiplied all the numbers by 15 to convert them into miles. From there I multiplied the base by the height for each square and divided them by 2 if they were triangles. After I got the area for all the shapes, I added them all together and got the area of the entire oil spill.

Area of the oil spill

The area of the oil spill is 16,031.25mi 2.

Is my work accurate?

Although I don't think my work is 100% perfect, I do think it's somewhat close to the area. I expect the one got to be less than the actual spill area because the shape of the oil spill wasn't perfectly shaped like a polygon.

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