Ivan Esparza

Character Photo Essay

Going through this essay, I had a few questions of how I could just represent myself, with only 5 photos. I was also wondering how someone like me who likes short, sweet, and to the point explanations can write 5-7 whole sentences to describe each photo. But, I gave it a shot, and here it is:


I thought it'd be nice to start off with where I really find my "niche". The sunset off the side of the road represents my setting, in that at the end of the day, I could be in one place watching the sun go down, or I could be moving off into the sunset itself. I've had a long history of moving from place to place, so just like the sun doesn't stay in one point in the sky at all times, neither do I stay in one location for a long time.

Inner Character

When I try to characterize myself, I tend to think that I’m very analytic, and sharp/perceptive when thinking of certain things. Like a sword, I have sharpness: in both wit and words. Also, like the hardened steel I can be a bit stubborn, resistant and tough on the outside. And for a final comparison, I can have a nice, calm and even smooth (cool) exterior, but I can also turn out to be a hazardous and volatile thing to cross.

Outer Character

Now, for a contrast of my opinion: someone else's opinion (shocker...). Anyways, II asked my mom to describe me, and this is what she said:" Ivan is a very analytical and methodical person.  He is well grounded and has a keen grasp of the big picture at all times. He has high standards and high expectations, and has a clear aim of his goals and objectives and where he wants to be.  I compare him to an eagle because eagles soar to the highest points and have the greatest perspective and freedom, though sometimes, those on the ground can have the flawed perception of them as being small birds and not as magnificent. Eagles are like leaders; they don't flock, you find them one at a time."


There are a couple words I could use to describe myself, but l'm going to let my plain old Fender Strat do most of the talking. Sort of. Just like The original Fender Strat, I strive to be original; be my own person and live my own way. I think that the guitar most accurately represents me as a symbol for a couple of other reasons too. Just like a guitar, I can be fun to be around. I’m free and am not afraid to represent myself. Aside from it representing me, it also represents a lot of my interests in music. I love music a lot, and try to involve it in one way or another in each of my days. I can play Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Viola, and of course the Guitar. On top of that, I’ve gone on tour with a Jazz band in VA in the local area there, doing a few concerts, and then went to Spain for half a month and did a tour with the group there.


To close it off, is how I usually am in public. I’m generally very friendly, and even more-so if someone takes the time to say hello and develop a friendship. This picture of me shows that I can be laid back, and cool to hang out with. My dog Tony can attest to that; almost 8 years with him and he doesn't seem to hate me. I must be doing something right! But seriously, I’m usually not concerned about too many things. I am serious about friends though, so I keep them very close. That about "sums me up"!

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