The Beautiful Arabian Penninsula

Camel Rides!

It's a good idea to ride camels to get around because they can withstand the heat, are strong and don't need to stop a lot.

Make Terraces

If you live in the mountains and want to farm it is going to take quite a bit of work! You will have to flatten out sections of land called terraces to farm on.

Coastal Plains

Coastal plains are another good place to farm on because they have a lot of water and are very fertile for crops.


You should wear loose clothing so that the little wind can circulate and keep you cool. It would be very uncomfortable to have tight fitting clothing that becomes sticking in the hot sun!


An oases is a great spot to stop and rest or set up camp. There is a lot of water, and shade. The land is fertile do to the abundance of water.


Deserts are a very dry place with very little water and little to no shade. You should go in caravans that use camels to travel with. Make sure to bring lots of water!


The Arabian Peninsula mountains are very rocky. The temperatures are very hot in the day time and very cold at night. You should have things to build fires and you can use palm leaves as fans in you get hot.

Palm trees

Palm trees can be a great help! They can provide coconut and bananas; the leaves can make fans and roofs for houses; and the wood is very strong to make houses out of.

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