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Who We are :-

Examination Online offers its clients a simple and intuitive interface, a hassle-free flow from one test process to another, robust and top-notch technology for data e-assessment, and avenues for conducting Computer Adaptive Tests, Computer Classification Tests and the simpler Computer Aided Tests -- all contained in a completely flexible feature package that is easy on your finances and keeps your examination process as its primary priority.

Our Services :-

Examination Online was designed with a single idea in mind - make it easy, make it fast and make it highly customizable to suit our customers' requirements.

Our initiative required seamless and structured delivery: at the same time we had to be flexible with regard to the product for each client. We smoothly integrated our intuitive management system with our base software so that we could deliver the final product to your exact specification at a price that suits you.

Each organization can select any of the following features that best meet their objectives -

         Testing & assessment

         Corporate training

         Employee skills evaluation

          Exam preparation




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