School Work 2012

Here is my school work from 2012

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English work.
- Book Reviews

Here is some of the best pieces of English work that I have done in 2012.

Assignment: My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding.

1.In the opening scene the director has made the film seem depressing, dark, gloomy, sad and miserable. It is 5:00am in Chicago. It is said to be a hard city. In this scene Toula's dad says to her "you look so old"!

According to the film the three expectations of a Greek father has on his daughters is to get married to a Greek man, have greek babies and cook greek food for a Greek family.

3.Toula makes her life and her appearance better by going back to school to study so she can have a better job, she has a beauty make over with this she gets a job in her Aunty's travel agency. She also made an effort to get along with every one.

4. The differences between the families

Toula                                                 Ian

They are Greek.                           They aren't religious

They are loud.                              They don't have a big family only 2 cousins

The eat. Everything                      They don't speak Greek

They have a big family.                 Education

Love their.                                     Upperclass

Food and drink.                             Snobby & rude                               

Culture.                                         Small home that is simple

Celebrations.                                 Very well educated

Big home to fit the whole family     Don't like to go out of their comfort zone

They can't see out

side their own culture                 

Lower class

Not that well educated

5. Stereotypes: Stereotypes are characteristics given to groups of people involving gender, race, national origin and other factors.

All girls like pink

All birds can fly

Every one has white skin

All boys hate pink

Every one is smart

All teachers are mean

All dogs bite people

All cats scratch

6. A time when the two families accepted each other was at the wedding when they were all dancing together after Gus spoke about accepting each other for who they were.

Another time was when the two families were at Toula's house for dinner.

At the wedding Costa's speech is saying that although the families are different cultures they are all the same at the end of the day and as long as Ian and Toula are happy that is all that matters.

8. My favorite character is Toula because she wants have an education and she wants to work somewhere outside the family restaurant. Toula gets a job at her Aunty's travel agency after she had a beauty make over and studied about computers. One day she met a man there and she fell in love with him, but he wasn't Greek. Toula went out of her way so she could marry him. She got her soon to be husband baptized in the Greek church so her father would let them get married. Overall I think Toula is very determined.

A time in my life when I had to accept difference was when my brother was born and I had to start helping more and not get as much time to myself. I think it is very important to accept difference whether it is some one with a different religion or a different skin colour we always have to accept them for who they are.

10. We as students along with the teacher can make sure we are all nice and friendly towards everyone. We can make sure people feel safe and have a sense of belonging so they can feel valued. Every one has a right to learn and develop confidence at their school and for that to happen we need to keep the school a happy and safe environment for people at the school.


GRACE BOOK REVEIW- English assignment.

Compulsory question

Who do you think is the hero of the story? Justify your answer. (In a short paragraph)

I think the hero is Grace because she brings her family back together and never stops trying to get her dad back. She will risk her life to find her dad or to make the elders think that she is godly. Grace risks being kicked out of the church by talking to Kyle and his father. She is really passionate about getting her family together and Out of the church as a family, like when her grandad wrote a horrible letter to her dad telling his that they didn't want him to come back and signed from Grace.


I think that the character is named Grace because it means freely given or favor of God.  It also means being in the favor of God, the giving of protection from God and elegance or beauty. It is a truly holy word and is used a lot in the bible.

3/.  Why does Grace think she is a sinner?

Grace thinks that she is a sinner because the elders find her homework and hate it although she thinks it is the best piece of home work she has ever done. She also talks to and outsider when the bus crashes on the way to school. When grace arrives  at school there is an assembly for her because she sinned. Grace immediately got put into bible solitary. She over heard the elders talking when she heard the word " expelled" she thought she was expelled and went to look for help from her dad.

4/.  Why is Grace’s father sent away from his family?

Graces father is sent away from his family because the elders don't like him asking so many questions.

I think it is cruel being sent away your family. The day that all the church were at graces house Mr Gosper found Graces home work and told her how bad it was, that night when the whole family was meant to go to the church only graces mum went. I don't think that the the elders like Graces dad no coming to church that night. When graces mum got home from church Grace had to go to bed straight away and there seemed that there was some thing wrong. Over the years the elders patience had grown thin with all of Graces dads questions.

12/. Do you think it is a “happy ending”?  Give reasons for your answer.

Yes, I think it is a happy ending. The family gets back together and out of the church. Graces family become very good friends with Kyle's family. There is only one down turn, Graces family will never ever get to see their extended family again. I think this my effect them because they have been so close for so long, but on the other hand Graces uncle and grandad kicked her dad out of the church. Graces family always seemed a bit different in the book, like when they lived with outsiders as their neighbors.  



A model house off my Maths assignment.


Watching how a balloon that has been rubbed on some wool, pushes water.

The magic triangle.

Friction. We were seeing how much paper the balloon would pick up.

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Salt, a spoon and friction.

Endangered animal project.


Endangered animal protect.

Deserts presentation.

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