Mobile Apps For Learning

Five examples for a K-12 Classroom

1. eClicker: Free web-based program and app that lets teachers create questions to deliver to the class, and the students can answer the questions through the app or on the website.

In a classroom a teacher can pre-create a variety of questions such as, true/false, agree/disagree, or multiple choice questions. During the lesson students can access the app on their mobile device to answer the questions. This app would be great to use as review before a big exam or for formative assessment for the teacher to see where the students are struggling with the content.  

2. Smartr: Free App where students can create flash cards. Students can access their flash cards anytime through the app on a computer or on their mobile device, it serves as a Study-aid on the go.

Teachers can implement this app for students in any grade, it is a great tool for students to practice their study skills with. For example before a big unit test in Science a teacher can give students class time to create flash cards in this app with important key terms to review that might be on the Science test.

3. Provinces and Territories of Canada Map: This app is an interactive map of Canada that students can access.

In a Social Studies class where students need to know specific information such a Provinces, Territories, Capital Cites and each Provinces unique flag students can use this free app as a study tool to help them memorize key information. The app asks questions which the students must answer and it shows them if they got it correct or not.

4. BaiBoard- Collaborative Whiteboard: This app allows for group collaboration  sharing and storing as well as a Whiteboard interface for students to draw on and also has a chat function.

This could be a great asset for students to use when they are working on a group project. Each student can individually access their app on their mobile device and look in real time what has been edited or said in regards to their project. This app also allows students to export their file to send to the teacher when it is complete.

5. NotesTab: App for simple note taking in class.

A teacher can suggest students to use this app to write down important class notes or due dates for assignments. Each note is saved within the app and the students can access their notes anywhere on their mobile device. Some students also prefere to type their class notes so a teacher could let them do that in class with the NotesTab app. Students can also email their notes from the app if they want to send it to their teacher or maybe a fellow classmate who missed class that day.

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