Creative apps for the classroom

1. "Drop box" - Used as teachers and students to send their assignments from any mobile device at any time before the due date. The teacher also has access to the drop box anytime to see who was handed their assignment and who has yet to.

2. "TED" - Ted app is an app that shows educational videos. With the amount of ted videos, you are able to find a video best suitable for any subject you are teaching. A TED video can replace your teaching or expand on to what you have taught.

3. "Twitter" - the 21st century revolves around technology. Twitter is a useful app that allows the student and teacher to communicate online, whether it is sharing ideas or staying connected over the holidays.

4. "Keynote" - keynote allows students/teachers to create a variety of presentations through your mobile device. It can be created at any time, and there will be no excuse for students not being able to complete it.

5. "Science 360" - This is a great app for science class, it allows the students to watch videos and audio clips of useful science experiments. Students are able to explore the endless possibilities of science.

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