Medical Equipment Rental – The Benefits For A Healthcare Institution

Medical practitioners understand the importance of having the most cutting edge technology at their disposal to provide the very best of healthcare and treatments to their patients. They also understand that the equipment necessary to make this happen is not going to be easy on the pocket. We all know the enormous leaps that the field of medical science has made in the recent years. However, these leaps have made health care an extremely costly affair, leaving institutions, medical practitioners as well as patients struggling to be able to afford it.

You might think of going for the option of medical equipment financing but trust me, it is not as easy as it sounds. Any financing solution will be a constant strain on your cash flow – something that small and medium size enterprises as well as start up clinics cannot afford to deal with. Traditional financing can be difficult even for established operations as mainstream lending institutions like banks are still hesitant to dole out credit to SMEs.

With all these factors taken into consideration, medical equipment rental seems like the ideal solution. The system is ideal for small businesses and private clinics and offers a sensible financing solution to acquire the assets they need for their operations, plus a number of other important benefits including:

Conservation of capital

SMEs and start ups, who are already strapped for cash, find it easy to spare precious funds for other uses like procurement of supplies and managing staff payrolls. Medical equipment rental offers these managers with a chance to get access to the very best of equipment without putting a direct strain on their budget. Neither do they have to save up to buy the medical technology nor, get it financed against another asset.

The complete solution

When you go for medical equipment rental solutions, the agreement is usually a long term contract between the parties. This necessitates that any additional costs that might come your way as you make use of the machines will also be covered as part of the lease. This can include freight, installation and maintenance depending on the type of equipment you lease. This format of asset procurement will eventually prove to be a complete and comprehensive financial solution for you.

Tax Benefits

This is one of the biggest advantages of going down the medical equipment rental route. Leasing these machines for the purpose of healthcare and treatment services is 100% tax deductible. Your monthly rental payouts will actually be considered to be an operational expense in your account books. Most accounting professionals will advise you to choose this option rather than going for equipment financing owing to these obvious benefits.

There are many entities today that can offer medical equipment on rent or lease basis. All you need to do is find a suitable and trustworthy organisation to work with in this regard. You can easily search for many names on the internet as well. Visit for more information on medical equipment rental in Virginia.

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