Hudson B and Arctic Lowlands

       Hudson Bay and Arctic Lowlands is a wonderful place to live and visit for many reasons. Like for the attractions, the recreational activities, and the business opportunities. Although it has a tough climate the possibilities are endless.

The attractions

       The natural attractions in the Hudson Bay and Arctic lowlands are amazing there's just so many places to go like ice fishing , skiing, and the amazing sights. Ice fishing is a very special sport that attracts many tourists. People who live in that landform region also, ice fish for food in many situations. Ice fishing in the Hudson bay and Arctic lowlands is special because the ground remains frozen most of the year, meaning you can ice fish for most of the year. Skiing is also a major attraction in the Hudson Bay and its where you can go to Arctic Lowlands since there are just so many places and mountins you can go to preform the beautiful sport. Another reason why skiing is so amazing in the Hudson Bay and arctic lowlands is because the ground stays frozen most of the year you can go skiing for most the year. This factor attracts many tourists every year. The last attraction available in the Hudson Bay and Arctic Lowlands are the amazing sights like all the mountins and the forests. Sight seeing places like this can be hard to get to in the Hudson Bay Lowlands some of the time but are breath taking once seen.

Business Opportunities

        Hudson Bay and Arctic Lowlands is an amazing place for business opportunities because of many factors. One factor is the fact that there is not currently a lot of factories and business currently happening which leaves a lot of space that is just waiting to be occupied. Opening a factory or business in central Canada can be a expensive because its so occupied, also because of the easer climate. Doing this in the Hudson bay and arctic lowlands area would be much cheaper since there is not already too much happening and since the climate is a little harder to live in, these cons may sound very discouraging but will not be regretted if done. Mining is also something to be very interested in when it comes to the Hudson bay and arctic lowlands.

Climate and Vegetation

              The Hudson Bay and Arctic Lowlands were covered in ice during the last ice age. This has caused plains that were left behind to slowly rise out of the ocean due to post glacial rebound. Both bogs, peat lands, and fens cover most of the landscape now after the last glacier. The Hudson bay and arctic lowlands also contain a lot of wetlands, especially along riversides. The water surface the Bay heats very rapidly during the summer and freezes during the winter. The vegetation is mostly made up of conifer forest and peat land, this also contains boreal plants and typical sub Arctic. The climate is very harsh,  this can prevent farming at times, this is because the ground remains frozen most of the year. The annual temperature rate is 20 to 30 degrees c, this can fool people because it does not snow that much in the arctic in fact it snows more in the GTA area. Why there is so much snow in the arctic is because it accumulates, it does not melt enough before the next time it snows. This is also because of the past glacier. The annual precipitation rate is 1000m to 2500mm. Some more type of trees you can find in the arctic are deciduous and coniferous.


   The geology of the Hudson bay and arctic lowlands contains a lot of sedimentary rock this is also what the lowlands are formed by. lignite (a form of coal), oil, and natural gas deposits can also be found in the Hudson bay and arctic lowlands. The Hudson bay and arctic lowlands is even a great place for mining which is a whole other series of rocks.

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