Commercial Canning Equipment Sales will Fund Floyd Community Market EBT Coupons in 2015

SustainFloyd offers stainless steel steam jacketed kettles for sale.

Groen 2,  20, est 30, est 40 gallon kettles & Dover 10 gallon kettle.

#3 Groen steam jacketed kettle; Mfg. I. D. 40 WP, Serial # 10871; All Stainless steel/ Good Cond. /40 Gal./ Nice piece of equipment.
#4 Groen steam jacketed kettle; mfg. I. D. 40 WP, Serial # 17824: All Stainless/Good Cond./ 30 Gal./
#5 Legion Utensil Co. steam jacketed kettle; 20 gal Model M-195, (1963); All Stainless/ Good Cond., very nice piece.
Groen est. 2 gallon tiltable on stainless base with drain and faucet. A very nice piece.
Dover est 10 Gal. Tiltable for $500

Sales of all five kettles to the same buyer / direct pick-up offered at discount of $4000 total. Proceeds from this sale will go directly and fully into SustainFloyd's EBT two-for-one Community Market program.

2 gal Groen                 $500

10 gal Dover                $500

20 gal Groen               $1000

30 gal Groen               $1600

40 gal Groen               $2000

[Other smaller commercial-kitchen-related items also available priced to sell at the pick-up site.]

Find information about installation and use:  About Steam-Jacketed Kettles.

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