Percussion February 9-13

Objective this week:

Louis Armstrong  Jazz Band Leader

Review Rudiments from last week:  Double Paradiddle, Flam Tap, Single Drag Tap (duple vs. triple form)

Perform Scales:  Concert Bb, D, and Eb on mallets 2 octaves, triad, interval, thirds

Review Cadence for pep rally and new funk cadence for pep rally

QUIZ:  Memorization Quiz on 3 rudiments (open to closed) and 3 scales.  Be sure to know how to write the rudiment out and you will be asked about the two artists that we have covered the last to class periods.

Wooten recommends that you get a Vic Fifth 5B Chopout Rubber Tip Drum Sticks to practice.

1.  Announcement: 

Tuesday Indoor Drumline Setionals 2:15-4:00pm; Concert Band/ Pep Band 5-8pm; Wednesday Pit Orchestra 2:30-4:00; Thursday Concert Band/Pep Band 2:30-4:00; Indoor Drum Line 4:00-6:00; Band Parent Meeting 6:00pm; Friday HALL MARCH PEP RALLY; Color Guard Showcase at Grassfield HS in Chesapeake..

2.  Look at the video regarding Louis Armstrong.  Be sure to review him and last week's percussion featured artist for the quiz on Wednesday.

3.  Write the Major, minor, diminished, and Augmented triads for the following scales: F, G, Ab, D, E.  Turn it in on the I-Station

4. Work on the mallets: Concert Bb, D, and Eb Scales in Rhythm, Triad, Interval, and Thirds

5.  View the rudiment videos

6.  1:15 Review the cadence the floor


1.  Review for the test

2.  Begin Chromatic scale M=100 C to C 2 octaves

3.  Begin Rudiments: Flam Drags, Flam Diddle,

4.  Begin Concert A, Ab, E Scales with mallets

5. Review the Cadence and Funk Beats on the floor