4 Ways to Find the Perfect Accent Table

If your sofa and loveseat are the main cast members, then accent tables are the supporting characters that make them look good. From housing books and magazines to providing a surface for cold drinks, these tables serve a variety of purposes. Use the following guidelines to find the right accent table when shopping at your neighborhood furniture rental store.

1. Match with Existing Furniture

It's always a good idea to access the state of your existing d├ęcor and furniture before renting new accents. A small, dark brown coffee table may look out of place next to a large sofa and loveseat bursting with bright colors. The right accent table not only looks good on its own, it looks good when paired up with the pieces you already have.

2. Measure For Height

In terms of size, accent tables should be of equal height or just under the furniture beside them. This way, you can easily reach out and retrieve items while you kick back with your feet up. It may be a good idea to compare tables by the height of your sofa or chair to be on the safe side.

3. Shape It Up

Accent tables are available in various shapes. If you have children or pets, something round or oval shaped may be ideal as they are easy to get around and don't have any sharp edges to worry about. In the event that you're shopping for multiple tables, mixing and matching shapes can strike a visually appealing balance.

4. Explore Style Options

While accent table styles are simple and straightforward, they are also abundant. This has a lot to do with the fact that they are constructed from a broad range of materials. For instance, you've got glass and metal as well as a wealth of wood finish options. Walnut, oak, and blonde wood tables look stunning when matched with antique looks, geometric patterns, and other designs.

You can find accent tables in an array of sizes, shapes, and styles at Buddy's Home Furnishings. Check us out online to see what we have in store.