A Quarter of Mammals are at Risk of Extinction: Penny for Your Thoughts?

As humans thrive in our world, the effects of our establishments continue to be extremely destructive. What is the cost of our actions?

25% of all mammals on Earth are at risk of extinction due to human impact. The largest threat to animal survival is loss of habitat, and as of 2008, of 5,487 mammals, 1,141 are on the path towards extinction. Human actions have caused all animals to be hugely threatened, through deforestation, by-catch and other harmful effects of our societal advancements. Action on this front is not being taken quickly due to the financial costs of dealing with environmental issues. However, the finical cost of working towards fixing these problems will be insignificant compared to the devastation that would rock our world if 25% of mammals on Earth die out. Biodiversity levels between mammals would decrease one quarter, and the whole Earth would be affected; ecosystems would be thrown out of balance, health of the planet would decrease due to the loss of vital organisms upholding these ecosystems, and resources humans need from animals would be far more difficult to reach and harvest. Not only are 25% of mammals at risk of extinction, 40% of mammals have to adapt due to human expansion destroying their habitat. If humans put in the effort to control hunting and deforestation and other harmful actions, our planet and its’ beautiful biodiversity could be saved. But only if humans decide to care: decide to put our planet first with the long-term picture in mind.



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