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Interview with Nath Reyes

January 13, 2014 Webinar Replay

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How to Plan & Achieve a Balanced Life
(and Find Your One True Love)

Interview with Macky Masilang

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5 Success Stories: Interview With People Who Wrote Down Their Plans and Got What They Planned

Get a full dose everyday, for five consecutive days, of interviews with my successful students as they let you in on their personal stories--and how it all started with a plan.

Topics to be covered are :

Jan 13 (Monday)
Macky Masilang : How To Plan and Achieve A Balanced Life (and Find Your One True Love!)

Jan 14 (Tuesday)
Keng dela Cruz : How To Get Rid of Clutter and Successfully Organize Your Home to Open Up Space For Blessings In Your Life

Jan 15 (Wednesday)
Janica Moscoso : 5 Questions That You Need To Ask When Planning For Your Life and Business Success

Jan 16 (Thursday)
Mannix De Duque : My Life, My Job and My Online Business: How Planning Via Mindmaps Helped Me Succeed

Jan 17 (Friday)
Jones Mancilla : Top 3 Biggest Mistakes When You Plan and Design Your VA Business and How To Avoid Them

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