"Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity."

1 Timothy 4:12

Discipling God through your Blessings

I believe in the love God has for us,

the big picture God has set for us,

the awareness of all your blessings,

the perception of Gods word,

the recognition of all your blessings,

capabilities, gifts, talents,

But I don’t believe in putting the amazing gifts God has blessed us with to waste .

I believe in expressing yourself through your gifts,

I believe in being a disciple of God through your gifts,

I believe in putting your all into your gift,

feelings, passion, heart.

And I believe in thanking God for everything in your life and finding every way possible to give back to Him.


My credo is about recognizing all the incredible blessings God has given us. Whether its family to guide us, friends to support us, or talents to free us. Whatever it may be, we should be thankful to God, who gifted all of us with these things. But we shouldn’t let these gifts go to waste, we should take them and use them to spread Gods word and bless others with these amazing things.

When I started dancing at 5 years old, I just saw it as a fun activity. The older I got I realized dancing was about taking all that life has offered and all the things running through your head and expressing it through dance. When I was 12 years old I joined a group that used talents like mine to share God’s word. I immediately felt an urge to join so, I did and it was a great experience going around to great places and sharing the blessing God had given us. This group also open more opportunities up to us and we all found more ways to share it with others independently. This group taught us how to take my beliefs and share them with others through the blessing God had given us.

I believe that it is important to take the blessing in life and be a disciple to God through it because God gave his one and only son up for us, and everyone should know the great sacrifice he made. Not only did he bless us but he freed us from our sins and gave us an opportunities to live for eternity with him in Heaven. We should do anything possible to share this great love God has for us to everyone. As disciples of God we should stay dedicated to his word and try and reach out to people who may never have the opportunities of knowing God.

As i have gotten older, i’ve started looking at my life and really trying to be as appreciative as possible of my blessing. I think the older we become the less oblivious we are to the things we have in our lives. Becoming more appreciative to blessings will bring a joy into our lives, by just knowing that you have a great God that loves us enough to do all of this for us.

Everyone has made mistakes and made it harder for people to love us, but that didn’t stop God. He still loves us no matter what we do, God loves us so much that he did the unthinkable for us. We should use every opportunity, every gift, every talent, and every blessing to show our appreciation. I believe God has given everyone someway to disciple his word and the love he shows for us, we all should take advantage of it.

By Madelynn Hammett

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