History of a Clipper Ship
by: Serena G

Created: This type of ship sailed the seas in the 19th century. It was built by Donald McKay in the 1840's . He created the Lightning and the James Baines. They had slender lines, tall masts, and large square sails.

Purpose: It was a very fast sailing ship and helped people get around faster. It was called a clipper because it was said it "clipped" time off a voyage. It helped by sending goods and getting people here and there faster then other ships in that time. They also were a big help with trading. They could carry 25 to 50 crew members on the boat.

How does it work: This ship worked by the sails. They had many sails that helped the ship move quicker across the water. The sails caught the wind and used it to move faster.

Positive and Negitive effects:

It didn't take as long to get to one place to another

They had a big impact on trade

People stopped using them when the steam boat was invented.

Todays version: Today Cargo ships/ or Clipper ships have been slowed down. It now takes longer to cross an ocean. Back then Clipper ships traveled at faster speeds then the modern day ones. They are going much slower as well because the ships are cutting down on there sailing speeds to reduce greenhouse gases. Something that is the same is that they still carry cargo from one place to another.

What impact did the advance in technology have on the conflict between the Northern and Southern parts of the US?

The clipper ship impacted the conflict between the Northern and Southern parts of the US because it helped with transpotation. It was a fast cargo ship that helped carry people and cargo to other places at a faster speed then any of the other boats at that time, until the steamboat was invented. They also impacted the way the North traded with the foreign ports around the world. It opened a door for them to travel faster by water then going by land.

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