Ferrell's Music Memory List

W.C. Handy

This is my interpretation of the St. Louis Blues

W.C Handy was very poor. He worked at a young age and he saved money each week when he got paid so he could buy a guitar. So one day he bought a guitar and proudly showed his dad who said, ‘’you bought a guitar’’ and said go give the guitar back and exchange it for a big dictionary. W.C Handy enjoyed school because he could sing. One day a circus musician stranded in William’s town offered to sell William his old battered cornet for $1.75. Throughout his school year, he played with a band and sang in a quartet. Hard times followed William and he found himself homeless and hungry. As William passed a saloon, he heard a man singing to the music of a guitar. he asked the singer what can you do. he began to sing the songs he heard during his travels. the crowd loved Williams singing and somebody took up a collection for him.

W.C Handy is known as the ‘’Father of the Blues. W.C Handy was the first person to write down the blues. No one known exactly when blues originated, but it was sung in the rural areas of the south as early as the 1890’s. He began to take on a define from around 1910, and W.C. handy greatly increased its popularity with the publication of ‘’Memphis blues’’ in 1912 and ‘’St Louis Blue’’ in 1914.

I like the Blues because it just back in the time when people did something new and made good music and they were just funny and kind of cool. And I think that people should start listening to the blues again. The blues is like when you feel good and feel right and feel good and the blues are just awesome to me.  

Carl Orff

  • Created Orff interments for elementary schools.
  • Found a school for music and Movement.
  • His school was hit by a bomb during World war II
  • He was born in 1895 and died in 1982.
  • Fame came to orff, however with the 1937 debut of Carmine Burana.
  • Carmine Burama means ''Song of Burana''.
  • The name Carl Orff  generally  means one of two things.
  • To a few people, Orff is also known for a small number of other works.
  • All this tells us a lot about Orff the man.

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