Costa Rica


Christmas is the biggest holiday in Costa Rica its generally spent with family. Families decorate evergreen trees usually fake ones. Gifts are from the 3 kings or Santa Claus.

New years is generally thought of as a the time for friends, Family, Parties, Drinking and dancing.


Rural: in rural areas it tends to be more basic many homes lack of hot water tanks

Urban: most people live in the urbanized central valley region of the country including San Jose.

Dating & Marriage

Costa Rican's begin socializing in a group at young ages. Dating typically starts around the age 14 more consenative family girls don't date until age 18.

Engagement- often a man proposes to his girlfriend and then gives her a ring on a speical occasion like her birthday or Christmas.

Weddings- wedding cerimonies are followed by celebrations with fanilies and friends, drinking and sharing meals. the food is usually arroz con pollo (rice with chicken)

Divorce- is becoming fairly common and doesn't carry a strong  stigma, However women may find t harder than men to remarry especially if they have children.


Futbol (soccer) is the most popular sport in Costa Rica its frequently played during recess at school other sports are basketball, baseball, volleyball, surfing and many more.


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