WLAN Controller

WX100 is a WLAN Controller designed for small to medium sized network such as SMB, school, economic hotel and apartment, etc. it offers complete wireless security solution for wireless network.

WX100 integrates a wide variety of functions. It supports user authentication, intelligent bandwidth management, multiple billing, VPN and centralized management. WX100 can manage up to 64 APs through Layer 2 protocol and offer secure wireless service for APs.

Reliable Wireless Service
WX100 offers convenient service of combining your existing wired network with UTT's wireless network, which will cut down the cost of the wireless installation. It supports personal management to divide different uses into different groups and ensure the wireless safety.
WX100 offers intelligent bandwidth management. It will recognize each application and handle it according to the priority user sets. This function will guarantee the bandwidth of some important applications. Intelligent Bandwidth Management is an ideal function especially for renting house, hotel and some public places which offer wireless service for customers.
User Authentication and Billing
WX100 supports a very simple management mechanism for User Authentication. It offers 2 ways of authentication, PPPoE-Based and Web-Based. With this function, the Administrator doesn't have to modify any existing network or adding another authentication server.
The Administrator can easily set the available period, bandwidth and IP Address for each account. Users will be authenticated with username and password. WX100 also provides flexible management platform for Administrator to monitor user's real-time status and traffic, ban illegal users or limit account bandwidth.
Account Billing is also a essential function for hotel and school. WX100 delivers Account Billing based on Time and Traffic. The Notification function will pop up when expiration arrives.
Secure Wireless Network
WX100 can be integrated with the existing network and work with APs to build a complete wireless network. User can handle and control the data transmitted through AP. It also support VLAN based on different SSIDs and users to divide different zone and ensure the network safety.
WX100 can control the APs of scanning wireless network, wireless channels and band, recognize illegal and legal APs. It also supports real-time control of AP RF scanning to test the signal strength and interfere. According to the signal testing result, WX100 will adjust the traffic loading, output power, RF coverage and channel distribution to optimize the wireless coverage and throughput.

Key Features

  • Support connection of static IP, DHCP and PPPoE
  • 4 LAN ports, 1 WAN port, 1 USB port with 4G Flash Disk
  • 10/100/1000M LAN port, 10/100/1000M WAN port, auto MDI/MDIX, Auto-Negotiation
  • Support DHCP Server, Multiple DHCP Pool
  • Support IP PnP
  • Support Static Routing
  • Support Load Balancing and Connection Failover
  • Support VLAN based on different policy
  • Support Intelligent Bandwidth Management
  • Support User Authentication, up to 200 accounts
  • Support Web-based and PPPoE-based Authentication
  • Support account Billing
  • Support Notification for Expiration
  • Support real-time monitoring
  • Support user history log record
  • Support traffic statistics
  • Support AP Management, up to 64 APs
  • Support AP status monitoring
  • Support AP Disable, Restart and Reset
  • Support AP Configuration Models Auto-loading
  • Support AP Firmware Auto-loading
  • Support AP RF and user monitoring
  • AP Models available to manage: WA500N, WA1800N and WA2000N
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