Animal abuse by molly

definition of Animal abuse- an act made by a human that kills or harms animal; example: As the picture says, Adam was set on fire by 2 mean teenagers when he was 3 months old. the burning burned off most of his skin as it does to almost every animal. Other threats include hanging, poisoning, abandoning, and beatings.

Facts about domestic cruelty

1.Dog fighting had became common after the civil war

2. PETA agents have witnessed random acts of animal credulity such as workers beating pigs up, hanging pigs, and other

3. 70% animal abusers had records for other crimes [ drugs, child abuse, etc.].

4. Each year 10,000 bulls die of illegal bullfights

5.98% percent of pet owners say their pets are companions

How it happens

animal abuse may happen when the pet owner beat up a pet for these reasons:

-they want power over the family

-to harm children


- for strange reasons

- to show fear

- very rarely, it can be caused by an alcoholic

How to see abuse

Symptoms include untreated skin rashes, weakness, housing of animal in small kennels, leaving them outside for long periods of time, severe wounds, and extreme thinness [ as ASCPA says].

About ASCPA [anti-abuse organization]

ASCPA helps people who's pets had been abused. they arrest the person who had harmed the animal and sentence them to imprisonment unless it's for technical reasons [ like putting a kitten in oil to get rid of fleas]. they fight against animal abuse by helping shelters and passing laws that outlaws abuse even more.

A poem on the dog's point of view.

Why it is important for us to know about animal abuse

it is important for people to know about animal abuse because it is cruel, mean, and discriminating. harming animals should have harsher penalties if someone does the criminal act. The picture says this dog was beaten without a reason and is an act of treason, which is correct because few people break the law of respecting animals without telling why they do it

How to prevent it:

- call someone you know that is against abuse

-get to know your neighbors' pets

- set a good example for other people

- support animal shelters

-contact a law enforcement buil

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