End Of Year College Project

Persuasive Essay-

What is a good person? What qualifies as a good person? Or even a bad person? Why are they important?

A good person is someone who does their best to help others in need and those who are around them. They aren't hesitant to give up their own possessions for the less fortunate. Characteristics of good people would be when a person is very friendly and tries their best to be helpful in a situation.

Positive, social, caring, enjoyable, helpful, respectful, kind and self-sacrificing are all traits of an honorable person. Lousy, dreadful, careless, and sad are characteristics of a bad person but good people keep the world balanced with all of the bad people ;For example have you heard of the saying " For every positive there is a negative"? I believe good people and bad people are correspondent to each other which maintains the balance of our world.

Good people give off a positive vibe that makes everyone around them in a happier mood. It is proven that being around these type of people with happy attitudes will persuade others to do good deeds and have better days.

In conclusion good people are essential for the world to prolong proportion between the good and bad.

Letter of Recommendation-

To whom it may concern

    I would like to recommend Arturo Quintanilla for your company of architecture. he would be a great addition to your employees. Arturo is a very artistic young man with a creative mind. his ideas will amaze you with every sense of the word. I've known Arturo since we were young and i have learned that he makes the best of every situation ;therefore his home life won't ever affect the work environment .Mr. Quintanilla has much experience in architecture , he was an intern at "SomeCompany" for 7 years during his summer breaks. You will not regret hiring this young man, he will always have a positive vibe at work. Arturo is good with his hands when it comes to building and is so very talented. I hope you think long and hard about your final decision and choose to hire him.


Daebria Rosario

Letter of Intent-

  Rosario, Daebria Jaiden                                                                                                7322 Mist Morning Drive                                                                                                      El paso , Tx 83997                                                                                                                

May, 25 , 2015

Louis James, Smith, Doctor                                                                                                  Some kind of hospital                                                                                                           9571 Banana Street                                                                                                              El Paso,TX 89345

Dear Louis James. Smith:

I am Daebria Rosario and I have taken an interest in your job opening. I think I am qualified for your job because I am a hard, responsible worker and I am very professional. My home life won't ever get involved with my work place; therefore I will always be on task.

I am looking forward to working in the medical field , my experiences include taking a 4 classes through-out my years of high school and have really enjoyed the human anatomy. I'm currently CPR certified ;although I have not actually had to perform on anyone yet.

I hope you hire me I would be a great addition to your employees. I hope you think about me for the job and get back to me as soon as you can.

In Regards,

Daebria Rosario


Phone Number: 706-425-3373                                                                                             Address: 7322 Morning Mist                                                                                                 E-Mail: Drosar@student.sisd.net                                                                                            Twitter: Dae_Drizzaae


One of my objectives are to become a professional plastic surgeon known through-out the world. If that doesn't work maybe a professional trainer for national sports.


I have graduated from kindergarten an Middle School, in 3 more years I will have a High school diploma. Hopefully 10 years from now I will be in the middle of college.


I don't have much experience considering I'm only 14. Despite the fact that I'm 14 I am still taking advantage of the opportunities that are being handed to me by taking as many classes as I can during high school ;such as Sports Med. and Athletic training. I plan on taking these classes from July 2014 to May 2018 at PHHS.


  • I can perform CPR                             
  • Decision making                                                         
  • I am very social                                
  • Public speaking                                     
  • Self-motivation