You enter yellow stone you will see birds, coyotes, deer, elks, bears, wolves, and so on. When you imagine wolves what habits do you think they live in? In the beginning rangers from Canada brought wolves to yellow to kill the elks and deer.

Yellowstone without Wolves

While the wolves were gone, the number of elk`s and deer evolved. The humans killed the wolves, so now the elk`s and deer are going to soon cover up the park. Sense the elk`s and deer are surrounding half of the park, there destroying bird`s homes. Because of that, there`s probably going to be more elk`s and deer in yellow stone. Right now obviously there’s a herd of elk`s and deer. But the wolves are soon to come.

The Wolves Returned

The wolves returned: The wolves from Canada came to yellow stone because wolves from Canada were sent to yellow stone by rangers. Rangers from Canada delivered wolves to yellow stone because there was a gathering of elks and deer. It`s because the people killed a lot of wolves at yellow stone. So the rangers brought the wolves to yellow stone from Canada to kill the elk’s deer. The population of wolves grew more and more. It`s because the coyotes are not doing their job killing the elk`s and deer. But some of the coyotes are trying to kill the elk`s and deer. Right about now the coyotes are so focused on killing the bunnies, foxes and other small animals.

Natures Balance Returned

Because of the coyotes the number of elk`s and deer grew even higher than it used to. The coyotes don`t won’t to make the number of elk`s and deer grow. They just don`t won`t to kill the elk`s and deer because they think it`s so much hard work to them. So instead the coyotes are going to kill smaller animals. Also another bad imformation about elk`s and deer. One is destroying the beaver’s homes. or in other words the elk`s and deer are destroying the beavers dams.


Over all now the wolves returned, and now they’re not only kill the elk`s and deer, but also the coyotes. The reason why the wolves are going to kill the coyotes is because the coyotes didn`t kill the elk`s and deer. That happened while the wolves were basically dead. Therefor now while the coyotes are dead, the wolves are going to now kill as muck of elk`s and deer they can think of.