Quadrant Study

All Names: Goldenrod
                   Solidago sp.

The average amount of Goldenrods in an area of 2 acres is 347.
The Goldenrods grow in groups but the groups are far and wide. They also grew on hills and flat surfaces.


Where the Goldenrods grow is wet and a mixture of flat and hilly. Tons of insects were around it such as bees, beetles. There were many plants around the Goldenrod but it was the only one with flowers.


The Microclimate of the plant was moistened soil, with good Ph balance (7). There were also plants that grew with it but the were much smaller and didn't have flowers. There were also bugs all over the plant again such as bees and beetles.


With further research we learned that in addition to insects and small animals carrrying seeds, the Goldenrod spreads through it's roots too. The longer the roots the more Goldenrods appear. (


If a Goldenrod grows on a hill then it's height and quanity in an area will decrease.


We went outside with a Ph tester and meter stick. We found 3 plants, 2 on a hill and 1 on flat ground. We tested the Ph of the soil to make sure there wasn't a disrupption. We then measured the plant's hieght.


Through our experiment we found that the plants on a hillside grow taller but are much further apart. Goldenrods growing on flat surfaces were much shorter but lots more were found together. In conclusion Goldenrods grow taller on hills but there's a greater quanity on flat land.

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3 years ago

Include sun exposure for microclimate and double check your spelling!

3 years ago

For the population estimate, change to acres (instead of two acres) eg. 170 plants/acre