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(Newnan, GA) September 25, 2014 -- William McCalla developed the First Newnan Insurance Group in 1989. For more than 20 years, this community-focused company has been serving clients in the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, Alabama and Tennessee. Starting with McCalla, the agency has had a long tradition of offering help from educated, experienced agents who have ties to the communities in which they work.

Working with more than a dozen insurance companies makes it easy for First Newnan to find a good fit for clients. Moreover, some of these companies have been in business for much longer than even the agency, so many decades of expertise often go into setting up clients with appropriate coverage. For example, Grange Insurance, one of First Newnan's companies, was established in 1935.

New clients may recognize names like Progressive and Safeco when browsing the companies that deal with First Newnan. Working with huge companies is just another way this agency helps clients get good coverage. Nonetheless, every company in the First Newnan Insurance Group, Inc. is stable. Grange Insurance reported $1.3 billion in annual revenue in 2014. Utica National Group is doing so well that in early 2014, it donated $1 million to the community foundations of two local counties. In July of 2014, The Hanover Insurance Group had a reported net income of $82.6 million.

First Newnan Insurance Group, Inc. can handle finding the right Insurance GA for virtually any foreseeable need in the area. It handles life, auto, home, business and farm insurance. Umbrella plans are also available to give clients a boost in any area where the coverage seems a little too scant to handle life's catastrophes. It is also easy to get a number of policies in one place in order to reap the benefits of multiple policy discounts.

About First Newnan Insurance Group, Inc.

First Newnan Insurance Group, Inc. is an Insurance GA agency that helps clients customize their insurance coverage to meet even the most specific of needs. Instead of offering access to one insurance company, First Newnan has connections with multiple companies offering a range of products. With offices in both Newnan and Demorest, Georgia, local home, business, auto and even farm owners can get the help they need deciding on the perfect insurance plan.

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