The Shearin Group Real Estate Brokers: Amy Howorth, Manhattan Beach’s New Mayor

Amy Howorth is Manhattan Beach’s recently elected new mayor, and she seems to embody the local spirit of the Manhattan Beach community. In a recent interview, she said,“Take any job seriously but don’t take yourself too seriously,” which I really liked because her sense of fun shows she is in tune with the pace of life in our precious beach town.

Howorth is also the 9th woman ever to be mayor of Manhattan Beach. She’s originally from Ohio, but now makes her home in the sand section of Manhattan Beach with her family. She’s relatable and refreshing, and Manhattan Beach residents are all very excited about what she’s going to bring to the proverbial table.

With experience on the Manhattan Beach school board and the city council, she certainly knows this city and the way its local government works. One of her main tasks will be to find a new City Manager, and she’s actively reaching out to the public to ask what we want in a city manager.

Equally important is how she will deal with the new zoning measures introduced by the Manhattan Beach Planning Commission to make the neighborhood friendlier to small stores at the detriment of larger chains and financial businesses like banks. She does want to make Manhattan Beach’s downtown cute and charming to bring in tourists and to make it a generally more pleasant place to do business.

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