Water Project in Ayoma

Draycott Ventures

Why this Project

Draycott Ventures was incorporated with a mission to build and operate a water plant in Ayoma village (Volta region ) which will provide local community with clear drinking water. This project will also help to create jobs in Ayoma and will support Ayoma Vision Charity. In future farming activities also will be added.

How This will be executed

Water to be extracted from 60 feet underground well than the water will be pumped into 4200 gallon tank. The water will be further processed passing through filtration , purification to packaging in 300ml sachets.   

Sample water was already sent to the testing authorities which was approved as suitable for such production.  Certificate to follow in near future.

Target Market

In surrounding villages clear drinking water is becoming popular and currently it is sourced from capital. Producing the water locally will help to keep the cost down and compete with similar products. The launch of the water will be announced during water festival with a local music band where free samples will be tested by public.

Initial Capital Expenditure

Assets Acquired

  • Materials to build the factor £4000
  • Land £800
  • Water tank £700
  • Water purifying machine £2120
  • Deep well pump £1600
  • Water pump for the tank  £800

Assets to be sourced by requested £4000

  • Sachet filling machine £1500
  • Motor bikes for distribution £2000
  • Generator £674

Final Product and Financial Projections for 6 month

The final product is a 300ml drinkable branded water sachets packed in a box of 30. The product is  priced at £0.28 (13,000 Ganian Cedi) per box of 30 sachets. The water is going to be distributed locally using two motorbikes which will have caravan attached to them.

Revenue per full tank  is expected to be

A full tank  which is already installed at the site contains  4200 gallon (19,093 litre) of water. 10% wastage is expected during production hence 17100 litre will become ready for packaging. 17100 litre of water will yield 57,000 sachets of 300ml.

300ml water sachets than will be packed in wholesale boxes of 30 sachets (57,000/30=1900 boxes). So to clarify from 19093 litre of water (full tank)  the plant will produce 1900 boxes of water, in each box 30 sachets of 300ml.

One box is priced at £0.28 so the full tank will bring £532.oo.

Six month revenue projections

Month 1 - 7600 boxes - £2128.oo                     Month 4 - 11400 boxes - £3192.oo

Month 2 - 7600 boxes - £21128.00                  Month 5 - 11400 boxes - £3192.oo

Month 3 - 11400 boxes - £3192.oo                  Month 6 - 11400 boxes - £3192.oo

Total revenue for 6 month from the start of production £17024.oo

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