Christmas Card

Christmas Card , Mrs. Banda and 12/4/13

1. I like this card because it is simple and cute.

3. I love this card because it is very retro and the dog with the bow.

4. I love the message of the card it is in the spirit of Christmas.

5. It has all the family in the card and it is simple but show Christmas spirit as well.

5. This card I love because some of the pictures are black and white has things that represent Christmas cards to them.

6. I like the foot prints in the snow and the colors are well balanced

7. I love this card because it shows the love of the family also the picture is black and white which makes it stand out.

8. The animals in these cards are but I like that they are singing. It say fa-la-la and merry Christmas which is different.


9. I like this card because it makes me feel happy.

10. I love this card because it is original it also very cute because a dinosaur is spitting out presents.

1. This card is just plain terrible the background is horrible on the eyes. There is a one in the exclamation point and everything is just plain bad.

2. The deer and the 3 dots don’t make sense for Christmas.

3. Christmas doesn’t deal with harry potter and the sweater design is bad for a card

4. I dislike this card with a passion because everything is just crammed in. It is a bit much for a card

5. The poor kids look sad and angry. Santa looks very creepy the design of the card is bad everything looks faded to me.

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