Dressed Up Robots Help Us Study Wild Penguins

By: Keira

I just read Dressed -up Robots help us study wild penguins it was about how if penguin are scared of humans will they be scared of penguin robots? In "Dressed-up robots help us study wild penguins" If the penguins are less scared of robot penguins than humans wich makes it easier to study the penguins the wild. Almost one-fourth of the penguins actually moved closer to look at the robot. The other one-fourth were scared and moved away. Also if a female get scared of the human studying it might not be able to have babies.I think it is the most important thing in 2014 because it will make studing easier for the penguins and the scientists. Also if the female can't reproduce any more that means for the penguins a population decrease. Scientists are going to copy some of the robotics put into the robot penguins and then try the same thing you do with robot penguins except they are going to try it on other animals. Scientists have all ready made robotic elephants. So having robot penguin are basically a comppermise between the penguins and the scientists.

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