Persuasive Essay

The world is full of good and bad. In order to equilibrate it, good people are required to exist in it. They shall be among us to teach us good behaviors and morals for us to be successful.

The first reason our world needs good people is, to help each other. We as humans, will always need help from others to perform certain tasks or to make things better. They are always willing to help people without looking for anything in return and always making everyone feel better. without good hearted people, no body would be successful because they would all be selfish.

The second reason our world needs well behaved people is because younger people need examples. Children have to learn morals. Morals make up the character of a person. People without morals are ignorant because they think that all they don't have any values. If we were all raised by parents without any values, our society would e a disaster.

The last reason good people are vital in our community is, to equilibrate the bad. There are a lot of bad things and people in our world. A lot of people follow those bad examples. Without moral people, only bad would exist. Most of the time, it's easier to go for the bad.

Good people are vital in our community. They are required to help people and set examples for the younger ones. We shall always be in our best behavior and try to help everyone around us.  

Letter of Recomendation

May 20, 2015

To whom it may concern:

Rebecca Haylett has worked for me for the last two years. Her personality makes her unique from the rest of the employees. She is very respectful, caring, smart, and nice. Some of her skills are that she can fix almost anything, knows how to use the computer, and she is conversant in music. Some of her talents are singing and playing the flute. Some of her characteristics are thinking outside of the box, being independent, organized and social. Ms. Haylett would form a great part of your organization. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me at 877 3320 or at

Thank you,

Ana Nevarez

Letter of Intent


Name: Ana Nevarez

Phone Number: 806 766 342

Address: 6205 6th St



Objectives: Occupational Therapist for children


Northridge Elementary School

Terra Vista Middle School

Frenship high School

El Dorado 9th Grade Academy


Pre-AP World History Diploma

Nurse License

Culinary Arts Dipoloma


Worked at Red Mango

Babysitter for 2 years


Patient with children

Making Desserts

Microsoft Programs

Job Application