Professor (Music)

As a professor of music, I would be (eventually) teaching college students about music history, music theory, composition, and performing.

What skills does a professor need?

   "Requires a doctorate degree in area of specialty, tenure, and at least 12 years of experience in the field or in a related area. Typically this individual is a leader in the field and has been published. Familiar with a variety of the field's concepts, practices, and procedures," -

   In other words, you have to know your stuff really, really well. Then, you have to try and convey this knowledge to students. Without knowledge and creativity, students wouldn’t learn anything.

Educational Requirments

I need to study for 12 years in the field (music theory, music history, etc).

I will need to work my way up to a doctorate. It would also be helpful to learn to play piano.

"But Nikki, how will you afford all that college?"

Scholarships, hopefully. So. Many. Scholarships.

I could go to Angelo State University and participate in their courses.

What's the pay?

If I end up teaching at a pubic university, I'll end up making about $63,200 per year. If its a private university, I'll make about $79,600.

Getting Hired

Finding a job in teaching music isn't easy on any level. I'd just have to keep a careful eye out for universities who need the position filed.

I suppose that being a professor could very much be a long term career. There are teachers who stay at a particular job for more than twenty years at high schools, why not at a university?


I like music. A lot. I love to make it and show it to others. That would be involved really frequently in this path.

Plus, I could make people call me professor, and that's just cool.

Other Options

With the things you learned in college, someone could probably be a composer. They could also teach at a high school or elementary school (though that is not a thing I want to do).

Why Does This Seem Like a Good Plan to Me?

As I said before, music is pretty much my favorite thing. There's not really an elaborate reason; I just think I'd be good at it.


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