By: John Green

Miles Young, was a sixteen year old boy whose life was filled with no mischief, no girls, and no friends. But that all changed when Miles(Pudge) goes to a new private school and meets the most amazing people he would have never thought would change his life. Takumi, The Colonel, and of course Alaska. Pudge has never meet a girl like Alaska she was benign, energetic, and full of life, or so they thought... Until one day one decision made everything change forever.


The protagonists of the story are- Takumi, The Colionel, Pudge, and Alaska


the antagonist of the story is her past, and alcohol.

plot teaser


Quote- If people were rain, I was drizzle, and she was a hurricane.


I believe the authors theme relates to the quote- "Everything that glitters isn't gold". People put on fronts and masks to hide so that no one can see who they really are, or know what they are going through. In the book it uncovers who every one really is and their secrets.


I would recommend this book to people who enjoy realistic fictions that makes you feel the same way that the character feels. A book that makes you want to read more and made when you have to put it down. A book that connects and speaks to you.

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