Aaron's Tackk Project

When I was a young buck me and my family went to the Arabian peninsula for a vacation during the summer and we wanted to give you some tips on living in the Arabian Peninsula.

One of the tips that my family recommends is that when setting up a tent you need to set it up by a mountain  so that it can block the wind and when all the snow melts then it will run down the side of the mountain and after boiling, it would be okay to drink

My families net tip to you young bucks is to make sure you caravan wherever you go so then if you lost then you could send one guy to go and find help and the camels can carry a lot of weight on their backs so you don't have to carry in

Since you young bucks have learned about moving from one place to another place and sleeping by mountains to get water, my next tip is catching food.  To catch food you will need to catch fish and cook them

My next tip for your and your family is to make sure you bring lots of food because sometimes just catching some fish isn't enough to feed your family so you could bring some Chipotle with you and some rice and beans.

One tip about living in the desert is to survive the sandstorms because they could possibly kill you.  One way that you could survive a sandstorm is to build a sturdy tent to protect you from the sand.

My next tip for you is about living in a oasis.  You will need to plant crops so that you can eat them and then you need to get water from one of the many lakes or rivers near our campsite.

My next tip for you young bucks is about living in a coastal plain since it is a flat area of land you will need to first find water in the lake and then hunt for food.  Then you will need to set up a tent because they get some rain out there.

My next tip is to wear loose clothes in the desert because it will help protect you from certain sandstorms .

Finally my last tip is whenever you get to the area of land that you want to live in then you should make weapons to protect from thieves in that area.

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