and the Cirque Du Soleil employees
present  PARADE The Collective

PARADE the Collective was designed to help support the artists who in turn provide creative talents for Cirque’s shows by giving them a chance to exhibit their own material with the help of the company and the community. Trifecta Gallery is especially proud to share its space in the name of this concept as it so closely mirrors, in part, our own foundation for exhibiting artists whose occupations inform, inspire and encourage their studio practice.Visitors will be able to explore this concept by paying close attention to the occupations of the artists found on the artwork labels.

No limitations were set and all artistic formats of any dimension were accepted, resulting in an eclectic and dramatic range of media for this group show. Examples of video work, textiles, lighting elements, as well as the traditional mediums of painting and sculpture will be on view by the talented employees.

Trifecta Gallery is open daily at 11 a.m.
FREE and open to the public.