The City of NewWick

in tantum facilis erat dies heri

                                        "The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday"

Blue: Liberty of our savior, Rosie        Yellow: The sacrifice the people made to protect the city.              Flower: The peace and prosperity that the city holds. 

The Constitution of NewWick


The name of this country will be NewWick.



The purpose of this country is to provide peace and prosperity to those who arrive.

The city of NewWick will provide a sense of defense, heroic duty, peace, democracy, and no other than freedom. We as people in the city will do all that we can to keep people safe, also host community events such as concerts, games, carnivals, etc.


The citizen must not have any criminal record. Must have a cellphone. Be in compliance and follow the laws. If you do not you will be sent to the Ministry of Love. Must attend at least one council meeting. Do your part and help in the community. Destroy one thing for two minutes then pick it up right after. Get an education, help advance the city, Be fair to the people who live in your neighborhood.


Rosie will be in charge of the country.The city will have “Democracy”, there are no elections because Rosie is superior. We will have Rosie Care within the city. The care foundation will insist on our safety and we’ll exterminate any harm that is done to our people.


See to it that all people within the city limits will be taken cared of while we work on continuing the advancement of the city.We promise to provide peace, prosperity, and defense. Respect.


  1. No criminal records 2. No betraying Rosie 3.Praise the saviors day of birth.

4. 2 minutes of destruction 5. Clean after law #4 6.Any criminal record found will be sent to the Ministry of Love 7. Non-city members will be sentenced away from the city. 8. Protect yourself 9. be armed in case of danger 10. You are not alone.


Free full paid education. Learn whenever and however you want. No, look at previous sentence.Free as well.Work in the mines.


Flower that has a blue and gold design in background. This means peace and sacrifice.


Rosie the Big Daddy.

Figurehead: Finnegan

Finnegan, our savior, protecting us from the Splicers that roam the deep depths of the city.  Finnegan has a suit of armor that protects him from enemies. Armed with a drill to get to the inner core of enemies. Carrying plasmids to attack and defend from distances man couldn't cover in seconds

The Story Of Our Savior

Story starts out as Finnegan the savior who was born from the almighty lord.Life goes on and she grows up really fast. Then one day walking down the street his entire life had changed. Finnegan was kidnapped by a person of an unknown gender with a hook for a hand. Since he knew the city was corrupted he was already expecting the worse. The person carried him to a building that was filled with a ton of creatures exactly like the kidnapper. They dropped him in the center of all of them; there had to be at least 50 of them. Then one of creatures came up to Finnegan and touch his face, they cut him across the cheek because of his skin. The creature seemed to be female because the way its voice was seemed to be feminine. The female said,”You will never escape us, you will be our feast tonight.” As soon as Finnegan heard that, he started running to the door. The creatures started crawling on the wall trying to reach him. They were really quick with the hooks. Once Finnegan ran out the door, the day was pitch black, no person was insight. Rosie was tackled to the ground. The creature turned out to be a Splicer, one of the most evilest, ugliest creatures in the city. Their face pulled up and wrangled from gene splicing. Rosie fought back and got the splicer off of him. Then he proceeded to run towards the mechanic shop. The store was closed, Rosie threw a rock at the window and watched it crashindow. he jumped through trying to find anything he could use to defend himself other than fists. Finally, Finnegan found a Rivet gun and some ammo to go along with it. He shot one rivet,then another. A barrage of rivets taking out each and everyone of the splicers. All of a sudden streetlights started coming on, people started crowding around the mechanic shop. The townsfolk asked,”who are you?”He responded,” I am Finnegan, child of our loving lord.” From then on, he built a suit of armor similar to and old diver suit. Loaded himself with a rivet gun and other weapons that best suit Rosie. Then a plasmids that defend from a distance. Last came the famous drill that has gotten Rosie through sticky situations. Rosie, from then on became the savior of the city known as NewWick.

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