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"I think being gay and gay people are the most wonderful things in the world. I wish all of us could have the power and pride to benefit from what is rightfully ours. "

-Larry Kramer

The 80’s were very marked by the epidemic of HIV/AIDS illness. Many people where profoundly affected and too much people died from inadequate treatments. Fortunately, some role models took place in the fight of this disease and the social problem it involves. One of those brave people is Larry Kramer.

Larry Kramer is a fierce AIDS activist and a HIV-positive gay man, born in 1935. He is well known for his play “The Normal Heart”, which became a big success in the 80’s. The piece attacks the disregard of the government for the AIDS victims and their failure to respond and deal with the crisis. The piece had huge success and was acclaimed by the critics. Larry Kramer won many prices for his work.

Except this major work of art, Larry Kramer also founded The Gay Men’s Health Crisis and ACT UP, two organizations that provide HIV/AIDS prevention and help the people who are HIV-positive to live a healthy and normal life.

30 years later, the movie “The Normal Heart” is produce based on the Larry Kramer’s play. Some people say that the subject is not up to date and that this big crisis happened years ago, but the subject is still very active today. As The Seattle Times journalist Misha Berson said: “The fact that it’s taken nearly 30 years to produce a movie of “The Normal Heart” is a reminder that the fight, on the AIDS front, is still not over.” 1  Even if HIV treatments now exist and people can live decently with the disease, it’s important to still raise awareness about AIDS and HIV to avoid new infection.

The movie “The Normal Heart” features Matt Bomer, a famous actor who was really inspired by Larry’s work. Matt Bomer saw the play “The Normal Heart” when he was a teenager and it completely changed his life. He is now married with his boyfriend, Simons Halls and they have three children. Matt Bomer, as many other people, admire his work: “He’s an Abraham Lincoln figure—he has affected the cultural landscape of this country, and not always popularly.” 2

All actions of M. Karmer helped millions of people and still have a lot of impact today. He is a great activist who inspires a lot of people to stand up for their rights and denounce any social ill. We can all agree that we should look up to his actions to face our social problem and prejudice.


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