Natives of the Piedmont  


  • The Tuscarora had homes all across the state.
  • The Catawba was the biggest tribe in North Carolina
  • The Waxhaw tied weights to the children's heads.To spread their eyes farther apart so they can see things that are farther away.
  • The people who left the Chowanoc wanted or had to join the Tuscarora.

Ways of Life

  • The Catawba tribe feels separated or divided from the other tribes
  • The Chowanoc signed a treaty with the queen of England to always obey her.

Interesting Facts

  • The Catawba tribe  came from where the Buffalo roam.
  • The Tuscarora tribe were enemies of the Catawba
  • The Chowanoc has three names Chowanoc, Chowanok and Chowan.
  • The Waxhaw thought Waxhaw meant Spanish explorers.
  • Tuscarora were also enemies of the white people.
  • The other american Indians called Waxhaw Flat Heads.

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