Venable’s Labor and Employment Practice Group

Venable, LLP is a nationally renowned law firm that employs over 600 attorney’s and represents clients both abroad and in the United States. They have built themselves up for over a century because of their ability to see things through their clients’ eyes and consume themselves with their clients’ business and issues. By providing excellent and successful legal services, they retain clients and are recommended to new ones.

Venable, LLP has been very successful in dealing with employment and labor disputes. This is thanks to the Venable’s Labor and Employment Practice Group, which is a group of Venable attorneys who specialize in labor and employment dispute. The group represents and litigates on behalf of mid-sized to large corporations, unionized or non-unionized, and public or private. They are a nationally recognized law group for their success in litigating labor and employment disputes and have an exquisite record in preventing and solving problems in the workplace.

Labor and employment disputes that they deal with include affirmative action disputes, collective bargaining, personnel policies, EEO claims and class actions, merger and acquisition disputes, and many other types of disputes evolving from the workforce. Venable’s Labor and Employment Practice Group is especially knowledgeable of California labor laws, class actions, collective bargaining, healthcare cost reduction, OSHA, and whistleblower disputes.

Daniel Chammas is an experienced litigator in his native Los Angeles area. He specializes in labor and employment issues such as sexual harassment, unpaid wages, wrongful termination, union grievances, and racial discrimination. His clients consist of Fortune 500 companies and premier providers of products and services. He received his Bachelor of Arts from UCLA after which he attended Stanford. In 1999 he graduated from Stanford’s Law School and received his JD. He is a partner with Venable, LLP and a member of Venable’s Labor and Employment Practice Group.