My Favorite Season

By: Andrew Solomon

In my favorite season it smells like hot dogs which is something that I smell during the season. It smells like pools which is also what you smell in the season that I like. It also smells like rain and trees in my favorite season.

In my favorite season looks rainy, sunny and everybody is usually in the water.

In my favorite season you will hear birds,thunder, the wind blowing all around you, you will hear the lightning striking down not far away and you will hear the laughter of all the people happy around you.

In my favorite season you will taste ice cream which is the best dessert ever invented. You will taste the nice hot dog in your mouth. You will taste yummy chicken. You will taste the steak already coming of the grill. And you will taste only the best food in the whole entire world, crab legs.

In my favorite season you will feel happy and fun.

In my favorite season the weather can be sunny, or rainy but I much rather prefer sunny.

Can you guess what my favorite season is?

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