Act 4, Lady Capulet, Jennifer Lee, period 3

Act 4, Lady Capulet, Jennifer Lee, period 3. She is dead.. My daughter Juliet is dead. It is her wedding day, and everyone was waiting for this moment, but she is dead. Nothing can explain my feeling now. I heard that Juliet died because she didn’t want to marry with Paris, but Romeo. We should have listened to her. We forced her to marry with Paris and this is what we get. How can I remove my sin? I would do anything if there is a way to move Juliet back to live person. Juliet told me that she wants to be alone last night. She killed herself when she was alone in her room. I should have be with her and listen to her. Marriage is cancelled and Paris is in a deep sorrow. Poor Paris. I feel so sorry for him. Juliet didn't even love Paris for once, but Paris loved Juliet with his heart, and now Juliet is dead. I am scared about what I said last night. I told her that I wanted her to die because she was disagreeing her marriage with Paris, and now Juliet is really dead. I didn't know it will really happen. I couldn't even dream about Juliet's death. I think I need some time to rest. Juliet.. I'm so sorry my darling. I love you.

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2 years ago

@haha4176 Juliet.. Where are you.. How can you leave me behind like this? 😭 Please come back.. I'm so sorry that I didn't listen to you and don't respect your mind of being married. I should have be more careful.. I feel so bad, and I miss you so much. 😩