Hatchet and Robinson Crusoe

11 March 2014

Brian and Robinson are like 2 ants trying to survive in the dessert. Hatchet written by Gary Paulsen is about a boy named Brian who had a plane crash and survive alone, and Robinson Crusoe is about a man that had a boat accident and needed to survive with a stranger of the island. Hatchet and Robinson Crusoe books are very different in the setting, theme and realistic events.

Hatchet and Robinson Crusoe have a clear difference in the type of setting. Hatchet took place in a forest and Robinson was in an island. Brian was in a forest in Canada and Robinson was in a island in the pacific ocean, also Brian was in the late nineteens and Robinson was in the seventeens. It is obvious that both books have different setting.

Brian and Robinson have differences in the way they tried to survive. Brian had to survive with a hatchet and Robinson had to survive with guns and housing materials. Brian only stayed near the lake waiting for rescue. While Robinson explored the island to find his way out. This shows that both characters tried to survive in a different way.

The last difference is that Robinson Crusoe is more realistic than Hatchet. Brian crashed in a lake, and Robinson crashed in a boat. Brian trying to land a plane in the middle of a lake is not possible, but Robinson survived a boat accident seemed to be real. It is evidence that Robinson Crusoe is more realistic is more realistic than Hatchet.

Both books are about guys that got stuck in dessert places. Even though they had different setting, theme and realistic events. This books are interesting and you could learn how to overcome difficult situations.