By Megan Gahl

Chemical Reactions

While the firework is flying through the air there are two chemical reactions taking place. They are called oxidation and reduction. Oxidizers make the oxygen needed for the burn the reducing agents. One type of oxidizer is nitrates. Nitrates are the major component in black powder. It also helps with the initial blast of the firework into the air and for the explosion of the firework in the sky. Another type of oxidizer is chlorates. Chlorates are one of the more explosive oxidizers which creates the brighter colors but, they are more dangerous. The reducers just burn the oxygen and produce gases.

Where You Find The Reactants.

Most of the reactants are in the air. Including oxygen. Some are also found in black powder.

What Happens to the Products/Byproducts

When the firework explodes in the air the gases that are given off pollute the air. Also all the parts that are in the firework and that don't explode, all fall to the earth. Which means they could fall into rivers and lakes causing pollution in them as well. It could also harm wildlife if they were to eat these parts.

Enviromental Impacts

If the parts of the firework fall back down to earth they will affect the environment. Fireworks affect our air and our water bodies. If the air is polluted that means we are breathing in air that is polluted which can harm our bodies. It can also harm the water in our lakes and rivers. That water could become polluted and would be harmful for plants and animals to use.

Endo or Exo Thermic

Fireworks are exothermic. It is exothermic because of the light and heat that it gives off.

Who is Affected

Mostly bodies of water and animals are affected. In the water the parts of the firework are floating and they can change how clean the water is and can also be harmful if an animal in that water were to digest. It also pollutes the air the we humans breathe in every day.

How Important are Fireworks

Fireworks are mostly important to people. To many people fireworks symbolize freedom because we have firework shows on independence day so for those people they are very important because it is a sign of freedom. For other people it is a way to have fun. It is not essential for anything in our environment.