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Western Leaf Electronics announced the first in their line of quality Android devices, the Frenzy8Z. This 7.9" tablet outshines competitors, by boasting a 7.2 mm thickness and 305 g (0.67 pounds) weight.

The Frenzy 8z is fueled by a quad-center processor (1.6 Ghz) and gives 16 GB inner storage room. It conveys 2 GB RAM with a stockpiling limit of up to 32 GB by means of a microsd card. The gadget has a high-def Reality Display and a 170 degree view IPS screen which is fresh and brilliant enough to be seen from any point without picture debasement. The screen is housed inside a strong aluminum surface that supports a 2 MP front Polaroid for feature calls and a sharp 5 MP back Polaroid, complete with auto center.

Like most other 7 to 8 inch tablets, the Frenzy 8z has been intended to be held in representation mode. Provided for its thin ergonomics, clients can advantageously hold it with one hand. The tablet comes remote showcase prepared through connecting with a remote feature connector or can help a wired association with its HDMI port. It's additionally Bluetooth 4 good for speedier exchange, better association and less power utilization when utilizing movable speakers or different extras. The Frenzy 8Z scored a performance of 18K, closely tailing Google's Nexus 7. It runs Android 4.2 and provides full access to all of the apps via the Google Play Store, as well as links to other Android devices through the user's Google account. happen with the sole mission of giving client-centered items, rather than indiscriminately emulating transient engineering patterns or focused valuing models. Their vision is to make items that really improve our lives and permit us to express our exceptional uniqueness and discernment. Through years of exploration and purchaser reaction, they have propelled their starting product offering of tablets, speakers and cell phones. The organization was built in 2003 in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) and opened an office in Houston, TX in 2010, emulated by an extension office in Dubai in 2013.

Western Leaf Electronics, Inc. heads the route as a needs-driven buyer hardware organization situated in the Calgary, Alberta Canada territory. We mark ourselves "needs-driven" on the grounds that we go well beyond generating electronic "contraptions," showcasing them, in the suspicion of a few select items getting prominent.

We have separated ourselves from different gadgets makers as far and wide as possible who have received the restaurant network model of advancement and showcasing, assembling everything comprehensible and using a large number of dollars in advertising assets attempting to support shoppers that their items serve a reason. Frenzy 8Z Launches as One of the Slimmest and Lightest Android Tablets in its Class. Canada based CE firm, Western Leaf, has launched its initial product-line in North America and Middle East, featuring one of the slimmest and lightest mini tablets ever.

Western Leaf has faith in an alternate rationality that doesn't grasp the business of hardware duplication. At Western Leaf, we are in the business of hardware development. As pioneers in electronic development, Western Leaf Electronics has a sharp understanding of front line engineering, consolidated with intensive examination routines and a natural seeing about your needs, your cravings and what rouses you. For more information visit the site

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