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Women’s Plus Size Clothing – Some Basic Tips To Look Spectacular

Women with fuller bodies have to put up with a lot of issues when it comes to fashion. The market doesn’t really offer much in terms of style and the clothes that are actually geared towards plus sized women are bulky, misshapen and aimed at concealing rather than flattering their figures. But you don’t have to let the world dictate your fashion choices no matter what size you are. It is your right to look fabulous and with a few simple tips, you can ensure that you achieve that aim with almost every outfit. Here are some tips and ideas to make women’s plus size clothing sizzle and shine with style!

  • The first task that you should concentrate on is figuring out your body type. This especially means letting go of every negative notions you have about your body image and identify your assets. This knowledge will help you make the right choices and pick out clothes that are perfect for your shape and size.
  • Women with wide hips and thighs should avoid wearing fitted jeans and tapered pants as they make you look heavier. You can go in for pants that are stream lined. Straight fitting jeans will draw the attention away from your hips and make you look taller as well.
  • You can also go for trousers that flare to accentuate your waist line rather than highlight your hips. This idea is perfect for women’s plus size clothing that is meant for formal occasions and workplaces.
  • Empire waistlines and low necklines flatter you neck region taking away the attention from wide and heavy body. Adding some well chosen accessories to match like a well tied scarf or neck piece can simply do wonders for your look.
  • One mistake that women with fuller figures usually commit is layering their body with more and more clothes. In some cases, this might be a good idea but only when the ensemble doesn’t make you look bulky and misshapen.
  • Large and wide prints tend to make a person look heavier than they actually are. Women’s plus size clothing with small prints in ethnic or floral designs are actually a better choice.
  • Dark colors like black, red, royal blue and violet will make you look slimmer. However, you can experiment with brighter colors also that suit your skin tone.
  • The texture and type of material used to make the clothes is also important. Fabrics that tend to cling to the skin will only end up highlighting the wrong areas of your body. Material like cotton and denim, on the other hand, are much more manageable and look better on fuller figures.
  • Make sure that you steer clear of the shapeless clothes that tend to hide your entire body as they are dull and boring to look at and will only make you look grouchy. There is nothing wrong with well fitted women’s plus size clothing that highlights your assets.

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