Ivey Chapter 8

Such a negative sounding word with such potential for a positive outcome

What is a confrontation?

*gentle skill
*involves listening carefully and respectfully
*help client examine self and/or situation more carefully
*going with the client to find a new direction

What a challenge is NOT..

*a direct, harsh challenge
*"going against" the client

How the client will benefit from your confrontation...

*increases client motivation to change
*helps client reach the core issue of their problem, conflict, or issue much more quickly and with more precision
*helps the client intentionally face the incongruity--it really helps them think it through

Confrontations IDENTIFY...
*mixed messages
in behavior, thought feelings, or meanings

Client talk with a view toward explanation and/or resolution of conflict and discrepancies

*Client change processes occurring during the interview and throughout the treatment period

What kind of issues will your client be dealing with? Internal vs. External

Internal Conflict

*conflict with self
*difficulty making decisions
*mixed feelings and thoughts about self
*can be verbal OR nonverbal behavior

External Conflict

*how to live (with or without something)
*difficulty achieving a goal
*external conflict also leads to an internal feeling of incongruity...which can lead to conflict with others

What the counselor is trying to do...

*challenge the client to think in new ways
*help client examine themselves more fully
*help client consider themselves and their relationships with others more carefully


A STUCK client looks like...

*repetitive compulsion
*inability to achieve goals
*lack of understanding
*limited behavioral repertoire
*limited life script
*lack of motivation

What is the counselors task?

*Eliminate stuckness (use a confrontation?!)
*FIND A NEW STORY for the client

Trying a confrontation...
First things first...You MUST have these conditions before you can try a confrontation:

*established rapport
*you have heard the client's story
*you can identify the internal/external conflict in your client

The above is satisfied...ok...now...

How To Confront Clients...

1. Identify the incongruity--summarize it to the client

2. Draw out the specifics of the conflict or mixed messages using questions and other listening skills

3. Periodically summarize each dimension of the incongruity...

"On one hand...but on the other hand..."
"Your words say...but your actions say..."

4. Follow with a check out!