Hello I'm lindsay

I am 12, and I live in Texas. I spend most of my time playing the piano, spending time with friends, and going to church.

  I have an amazing family. i have my mom tammie, i have my dad mike, i have my sister maddie, my brother michael, and my spoiled dog. i am the youngest other than my dog.

                        future hopes
I hope to attend UNT or TCU because i would like to have a career in music or fashion. Music mostly because of my dad. i just have to go wherever God takes me.

I have many good friends, but i have 2 really close friends. Aspen C. and Grace P. They have been my best friends since 4th Grade. We alaways like to be together and share a good laugh.

                            What I Do
I love music. i have been in band playing the clarinet since 6th grade. i enjoy it very much. i also love to sing. the first time i ever sang in front of a crowd was in kindergarton when i sang a song called turtle tiny tim. What i also do is play the piano. I have been playing the piano for 8 years, and i love it. its helped me become better at music. i also love to play basketball.

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I❤️You @lindsayrogers

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